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ENEF 2016 : 13th European Network on the Economics of the Firm meeting

Firms, technology and the quest for sustainable development
15-16 Sep 2016 Torino (Italy)

About ENEF 2016

13th European Network on the Economics of the Firm (ENEF) meeting

Firms, technology and the quest for sustainable development


Collegio Carlo Alberto

Turin, 15th and 16th  September 2016


Following successful previous ENEF meetings organized in Sheffield, Rotterdam, Nice-Sophia Antipolis, Cambridge, Paris, Amsterdam, Strasbourg, Bologna, Madrid, Manchester and Toulouse, we are pleased to announce the 13th ENEF meeting to be held at the Collegio Carlo Alberto, jointly organised by the Department of Economics and Statistics Cognetti de Martiis and the BRICK (Collegio Carlo Alberto) research team.

The main themes around which the 13th ENEF meeting revolves, include recurrent topics of the BRICK team from Torino, which has focused on economics of innovation and new technologies, economics of science, entrepreneurship and R&D policy.

The impact of innovation and new technologies on firms’ performances, both in terms of growth and productivity, has long been investigated in both theoretical and empirical literature. The increasing concerns about climate change have stimulated policy and academic debate about the possible ways to decouple growth from environmental degradation and to reach a circular economy. In this direction, the focus on the generation and adoption of eco-innovations represent a crucial pillar. Following the so called Porter’s hypothesis, green technologies are indeed a means allowing firms to reconcile the improvement of environmental performance with economic growth.

The firm is the key agent in which the choice of greening production processes takes place. However, the conditions of the local system of innovation, as well as the interplay with wider institutional characteristics, e.g. firm governance and local, national and international policies, are also strongly shaping firms’ behaviour vis-à-vis the generation and adoption of green technologies.

Coherently with previous ENEF workshops, we welcome submissions from all areas of the economics of the firm, even adopting inter-disciplinary perspectives including management, entrepreneurship, organization science and political economy contributions. In particular, the workshop will address the interaction between empirical, theoretical and policy analysis within the following topics, which include (but are not limited to): 


  • Determinants and effects of eco-innovation for the firm;
  • Circular economy and business models
  • Knowledge and/or technological sourcing and firm performance;
  • Search patterns in the generation of eco-innovation;
  • Cooperation, networks and the geography of eco-innovation;
  • Finance, governance and industries;
  • Government policy and innovation behaviour;


Confirmed keynote speakers:

Cristiano Antonelli (BRICK, University of Torino and Collegio Carlo Alberto)

Mike Wright (Imperial College, London)

Roberto Zoboli (Catholic University of Milan and CNR)


ENEF coordinator: Michael Dietrich, University of Sheffield

Local organisers: Alessandra Colombelli (BRICK-Collegio Carlo Alberto and Polytechnic of Torino); Claudia Ghisetti (University of Ferrara); Francesco Quatraro (BRICK-Collegio Carlo Alberto and University of Torino).

For more information about the 13th ENEF meeting, the submission process and practical details please contact or;

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